The Amazing Tale of Krissy Kat’s Fabulous Transition

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I’m KatGirl. I’m glad you are reading my words.

I enjoy writing and taking photographs. Sometimes I like to write short poems and haikus. Other times, I’ll write about serious topics. I do enjoy writing some erotica as well.

I write here and on Medium.

Transitioning is life in the liminal zone for me.
Like my geographical area, people can view me in various ways.
It all depends on what I’m wearing or the length of my hair.

Red State Trans Joy

I’m trans. Since I was young, I’ve felt that I wasn’t exactly what I was supposed to be gender-wise. I never felt like “one of the boys.” I played sports and enjoyed them, but I never understood my friends and adult men who were fanatics. I enjoyed playing with girls and dolls. I knew I wasn’t “snails and puppy dog tails.” I wanted to be “sugar and spice and everything nice.” I still do.

Trans joy is love-based.
Love always wins.
It is a source of energy and power, knowing the trans joy based on love will overpower any fear.

Revolutionary Trans Joy

When I was young, the only places I heard about trans people were on ultra-conservative religious television programs. That anti-trans propaganda back in the 1980s didn’t work. It just let me know that there were other people like me.

KrissyKat aka KatGirl. Selfie by me.

I loved dressing up when I was in middle school. I’d do it in secret when I got back home. I was a “latch-key” kid, so I had free time to dress up and feel like myself. I didn’t do that all the time. I enjoyed reading, riding bikes, hiking, and having fun.

In college, I went out dressed up and enjoyed myself. I also found others who were like me. It was a beautiful time.

Now, I’m older. I am on hormones and a testosterone blocker. I dress up at home but fly under the radar in public these days, wearing blue jeans and sweatshirts.

I write about transgender issues and write my legislators. My state legislators never write back, unlike my federal ones. My state legislators sponsor horrible anti-trans bills, so I’m not surprised they are non-responsive. I’ll work with their opponents next election so that we can have elected officials who accepting of everyone in society.

I’m optimistic that times will get better.

I’m optimistic that the great people in our state will find a way to get the politicians to reverse their ways. Research from the Williams Institute shows a relatively large number of LGBTQIA+ people living in my state. When the state leaders tried to discriminate against LGBTQIA+ people last decade with a bonkers religious freedom law, the outcry caused them to fix it to end discrimination. It also was the tolling bell of the former governor’s political career, who championed anti-LGBTQIA+ discrimination. His folly pushed him into the embrace of the former guy who guaranteed his ruin. Now, he’s an afterthought, hiding from MAGA folks upset he followed his oath to the Constitution.

Red State Trans Joy

I’ve seen the bigoted times in the 1980s against LGBTQIA+ people. I’ve seen legal and societal changes since then. The new generation is less fearful and more accepting. There is always a reaction against positive change. Every civil rights struggle has responses from the fearful side.

Remain joyful and revel in your trans joy!

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