Katgirl.club. A picture of Krissy Kat, a blonde with blue eyes and blonde hair.

The Amazing Tale of Krissy Kat’s Fabulous Transition

This is the story about my transition and me, Krissy Kat. I hope you enjoy it!

You will learn a little more about how library books and Barbie Dolls caused me to turn transgender. I’m just kidding.

I do give a look into my life so you’ll know more about me.

Here’s another picture of me, Krissy Kat!

Krissy Kat

Sometimes I think it would be fun to take a lot of selfies and post them.

I might have to do that sometime.

What do you think?

Buy me a coffee, if you think it’d be fun for me to set up a selfie page sometime.

If I get enough contributions, I’ll buy something nice to wear in the selfies.

Or buy a nicer camera.


I have a social media site named a.katgirl.club. Check it out if you’re interested to learning more about my thoughts.